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Steel Buildings

RLM Management, Inc, the parent company of Probuilt Structures, has been in the construction industry since it’s founding in 2001 building homes. RLM Management opened their first Probuilt Structures sales location in Lecanto, Florida. Over the years we have been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of customers in their quest for an accessory structure. Probuilt Structures begins with the customer’s concept and design and follows the project through to completion and final inspection. We have experience working with municipalities, finance companies, sub contractors, inspectors, and vendors to help make your building a reality.
Probuilt Structures
requires all base rail and
truss inserts to be welded a
full 360 degrees around,
ensuring a stronger connection
with more integrity. On 2”x3”
tubing this equals a full
10” of weld strength.
Probuilt Structures
offers buildings up to 50’
wide with clear span
Pre-engineered A-frame webbed
truss designs on buildings over
22’ wide. These conventional
triangular designs carry more
load than non-webbed trusses.
Available in
numerous colors, the
roofing and siding panels
are Florida Product approved
standard 29 gauge or optional
26 gauge sheeting. The sheeting
manufacturer offers a 40 year limited
warranty on the panels, giving
the owner assurance of longevity.

2”x3” Steel Tube Framing- Start with Superior Strength

Probuilt Structures buildings are engineered to the Florida Building Codes using the highest quality, cold rolled, hot dipped galvanized, All American Made Steel tubing, assuring you a structure that will withstand the test of time.

The backbone of the buildings we provide is the 2”x3” 14 gauge tubular steel used for the framing. This is cold formed steel providing  industry leading strength of 50,000 PSI Yield, and a 55,000 PSI Tensile strength.

Why does this matter? Some Steel Suppliers provide cheaper tubing products that appear the same, but are an inferior product with far less strength, and much cheaper to buy.
Why 2”x3” instead of square tubing?  The reason is similar to why you would build a house with 2x4s instead of 2x2s. Consider the difference between a 2×4 stud and a 2×2 stud.

When laying flat, the 2×4 will bend along the 2” side, but when standing on edge, the 2×4 is far more rigid and has much more strength and will not bend nearly as much, providing stronger support. The 2×2 stud will bend the same in both directions, with no orientation providing more strength than another. Similarly, manufacturing the interior frame structure using 2”x3” steel tube with the 3” edge as the structural support provides a stronger and more wind resistant frame for the building. Some manufacturers offer a 12 gauge  “upgrade” to their frame tubing in an effort to compete with the 2″x3″ tubing provided in Probuilt Structures buildings.

Walk doors are available in standard white solid doors, as well as white Colonial doors with 9-lite windows

Window options include standard non grid windows as well as Colonial windows with grids in the panes. Standard size is 30×30, with other size upgrades available upon request.

Optional foam closure strips are preformed foam strips that are installed between the trim and the sheet, or between the sheet and the steel frame to limit the gaps, thereby decreasing the light and open spaces in the corners. Although they do not form a completely sealed connection, and are not light or air tight and will still have some smaller gaps, they will fill in the gaps considerably.

Optional Bubble Foil Insulation is available for roof and side walls on your building, providing a radiant barrier and helping with R-factor to decrease the energy transfer from the metal.

In addition to the warranties provided by the component manufacturers, Probuilt Structures provides a full one year workmanship warranty on the structure. This warranty  covers the structure even if the structure has owner upgrades such as water or electrical installed, or interior framing, as long as the installation of any upgrades does not compromise the structural integrity of the building in any way.


On buildings with Vertical Roofing or Vertical Siding, the 18 gauge hat channel purlins that connect the roofing and siding panels to the frame are superior to the 20 gauge purlins competitors use. They are referred to as “hat “ channel because the end profile looks like a hat. Probuilt Structures takes great pride in utilizing the best products available.
Structures with vertical roof designs have a ridge cap as well as boxed eaves on the gable rake and roof eaves, giving the building a more classic finished look.

*Horizontal roof designs do not require a ridge cap, and open carports do not require boxed eaves.

Probuilt Structures provides both Sectional Garage Doors as well as Roll Up Coil Doors for your building in many sizes. Sectional doors come in white with standard raised panels, but can be ordered in other colors and panel designs. Various designs of glass inserts are also available in Sectional Doors, as well as optional garage door openers. Coil doors come corrugated, in standard white. Garage doors can be located on either the gable ends or the side eave walls.